cuteness and other news

that's georgejones in my banjo case. he's my cool new monkeypants. a little paranoid and crazy, perhaps, but pretty cute. he spent the first several weeks of his life in and around a dumpster behind a biker bar, though, so i don't hold any of his bad behavoir against him.

getting ready for a big snow storm up here. they're saying 15 inches for this area. i'm ready, though. got some movies, the new art forum, a guy debord book i should've read a month ago, some chocolate, my instruments, georgejones and warm toes. bring it on.

neal wrote me and said that linnae went into the hospital just this morning, so probably as of this writing they have a new child.



Maig said...

Georgejones is the cutest cat ever sitting in your banjo case like that. I'm ready for a snow storm too. But we've only had a couple inches. Congrats on baby Cappellino!

Anonymous said...

georgejones is too cute. So how do all the slightly paranoid and crazy cats you have get along together?