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A Charleston friend admitted today that she's been reading the blog. She admitted it as though maybe she needed to apologize for it, or for not telling me about it. I'm glad that she's reading, though, because all of my close friends read the blog, and I've found myself expecting that people who are close to me know about the things Walter and I write about here. I sometimes have to give too much backstory for folks who don't read the blog. But really, I'm glad she's reading for more reasons than just the convenience it offers me in relating stories; in a way, it helps me to feel a little more rooted in Charleston.

That's all I've got to say for today. Sometime soon I want to blog about what an author in The Chronicle of Higher Education had to say about blogging if you're on the job market (short version: don't do it, no matter what! You will never get a job because people will know that you have a personal life!) But this week Women's and Gender Studies is putting on The Vagina Monologues, and I am a bit delirious with busy-ness.

(Biffle, I'm sorry I stepped on your break by blogging right after you.)

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claire said...

Yeah that was me, Alison mentioned the blog at a party a few months back and having never read a blog (sad but true) I checked it out -- but having checked it out I realized I was unclear on blogger norms and ethics. When to comment? Does one introduce oneself? So now I'm out...