This is what would happen if an elephant ear married a butter twist. They are Portuguese pastries--crispy and greasy and doughy, unbelievably delicious. If you're cool, like the guy ahead of us in line at the restaurant, you say, "Gimme a dozen-a-malies."

I'm in Massachusetts this weekend, and malassadas are among my new favorite reasons for being here (other than to see Walter, of course).


Miss Meghann said...

Those should be decorated and sold at the VM festivities :)

Jamie and I realized a positive correlation between the closeness of VM and the amount of times we are needing to quote your "Eating is a political act" idea :)

Anonymous said...

A friend who's familiar with some Hawaiian traditions introduced me to the term "malasada" (though not the actual pastries) by leaving up an away message on AIM one Mardi Gras wishing everyone a happy Malasada Day.


(Hi! i'm new to your blog. I was one of Connie's students. =) )

Maig said...

Elephant ear sized pastry- how can you go wrong?

Maig said...

P.S. Honestly though, Alison, why should we care what you like to eat?? =)

Walter said...

don't believe alison for a second--she really does love bread more than she loves me. (she probably would site that bible verse as only pertaining to men...)

welcome, shafi!


Charlie said...

That picture makes me giggle. You look deep in conversation with that malassada.

Miss Meghann said...

Since I allow my blog to become a playground of anonymous pro-life and pro-godknows what propaganda and ramblings, I'll respond to you here.

Of course it doesn't mean I have to stop liking them, not in the least...it's just a really different way to look at a group that claimed to be so progressive. In all of the communiques and documentation I've read I've never really picked up on a WUO recognization of their white privilege. I guess that can be added to (and very high on) the list of things causing their downfall.


Anonymous said...

We know Alison's 4 major food groups:
-Bread and butter
-Bread and mayonaise
-Bread and bacon
-and, of course, Bread

Very wholesome... Shows proper nutrition as a child...
mmmmpppppphh (supposed to be a text representation of the noise that Trey makes...)

The Dad

Charlie said...

What about the ever popular

Bread, mayonnaise, AND bacon

which was a staple of my trailer childhood?

Alison said...

If I had to choose between bread + mayonnaise and Walter, I'd definitely choose Walter, but I'd be a little sad about it.