just another rainy day in Charleston

although they may look a little like post Katrina shots, the pictures below are simply representations of what Charleston looks like after a fairly heavy rainfall that comes during high tide. I didn't take these pictures--they came from this morning's newspaper. I guess that means that the event was at least newsworthy, but not much more than that. a few hours later the tide went out, the water was able to drain into the harbour, and everything went back to normal.

No real story here. Just wanted folks to see it, and i guess add that i enjoy weather and her fickle ways.

(oh...and alison wants me to explain her absence from the blog here as a result of being busy with the start of school. she was not washed away in the flood.)


Maig said...

That's incredible.. I'm glad you nor Alison was washed away. Again, incredible. I didn't expect you to say that you enjoy the weather... it is a fickle and fantastic thing, the weather.

The Mom said...

Hey, y'all...look at my blog!

Oh, yeah, and I'm glad Alison's not been lost in the flood! Those were good photos, even if they weren't yours. We didn't recognize where they were taken.

How's school going?

Anonymous said...

Last year in Central Florida it was very dry, this year we've had rain almost everyday.