Update from the writer's block

I finished "Abortion: A Love Story," and I feel really good about it. Oddly, the encouragement I got from folks on this blog helped quite a bit. Now I'm going to let it sit for a few days and then mess with it some more, and if I still like it after that, I'll send it out into the world to get published. Even though I've made no progress on the academic essay, I'm feeling better about my life as a writer. Perhaps I have not yet written the last good thing I will ever write.

In other news, I spent the weekend in Charlottesville with the Little-Hunts, who are now a five-person family thanks to the birth of Emma. It was great to meet Emma and see how Molly and Madeline have grown. Here's one thing I learned: if you have an infant and a one and a half year old in the same house, the infant will learn very quickly not to be freaked out if someone comes and pokes her in the eye while she's sleeping. Useful life skill.

Unfortunately (and sort of unbelievably) I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures of the increasingly adorable Little-Hunt family, but trust me--these are some attractive children. OH, and smart, too. And strong! You have to be careful when you have adorable female children that you don't start putting all the emphasis on how good looking they are--they'll get enough of that later in life.


The Mom said...

Alison, I'd love to read your article. If we don't see you until the Fall FunFest (how on earth do you put a smiley face in parenthesis??), why don't you bring it then? I'm glad there are signs that your writer's block may be lifting!

Love you,

Cate Bush said...

Woot! It's always nice to move into a new space :). Glad to hear you're moving forward with writing. Love you!!

Kelly Love said...

I'd like to read it too!

femme fortis said...

Yeah, I'd like to read it three!

Kevin Linder said...

Something I've learned in my journey with writing and acting. The true definition of writer's block is, the inability to make a decision.

Once you realize this, it's easy to fix. Make a decision. You can always come back and change it. That's what revisions are for.