News from the road

I realize that I haven't been blogging for a while, which means that Baxter Sez is in danger of becoming a bluegrass blog that only Biffle and Kenneth read (although Biffle did shake things up a bit by talking about our contraceptive methods).

The longer I don't post, though, the higher the stakes become. I think, "Well, it's been so long, I should have something really political and significant to say." And then, of course, I can't think of anything political or significant--or interesting--enough, so I keep waiting. Perfectionism can become a vicious cycle.

So here's my insignificant, apolitical news from the road: Meg, Jamie, and I came to Asheville, NC, this weekend for a SEWSA (Southeastern Women's Studies Assoc) business meeting, and because I made the plans, we are staying at a Hampton Inn, my favorite place to stay. We saw a billboard on the way that was advertising

Free "hot" continental breakfast!
and we know now what that means: Hampton Inn provides you with little space-agey bags of food (this morning's selection: pancakes, french toast, and waffles) that you retrieve from the fridge and put in the microwave. Then you push the button on the microwave that has the picture of the food that's in your bag, and it cooks it for you. You open the puffed up, steamy bag and dump the irradiated contents onto your styrofoam plate, and voila--"hot" breakfast.

High point of the morning: when Meg got herself a cherry danish and then took her plastic spoon and neatly scooped the gelatinous fake cherry goo out of the danish, ate it, and threw the rest away. I said, "I am going to blog about that!" and she said, sort of pathetically, "But that's the part of the danish I like!"


A. said...

Our selection of breakfast (this morning) was

1) do-nuts
2) mini bagels
3) juice
4) pretty decent motel coffee

We've got about 2 hours to go before we get to our "old faithful cabins."

Then, breakfast will consist of

1) sulfar
2) mini magma domes on toast
3) burning
4) grizzly doo

The Mom said...

Our choice of breakfasts in Pelham, Alabama yesterday morning (just a little south of Birmingham) was muffins, cold cereal, microwave oatmeal, fruit, do-it-yourself Belgium waffles, little "space age" rounds of "scrambled eggs" that looked like a small pancake, & sausage, biscuits white gravy--Alison, that might have made you happy! (I didn't eat it, so don't know if it was actually good or not.) Quite a big choice for free at the Quality Inn, though.