Biffle music, online at last!

Biffle probably won't toot his own horn--because of his Southern upbringing, he's very scornful of horn tooters--but I'd like to point out that some of his music is now available on his Myspace page, linked on our right toolbar (a page which he has inexplicably decided to title "Snuffy" rather than the far cooler, and already brand-identified, "Biffle.")

Only four songs are there, but the list includes "Stuff," which is probably the best song ever. Or as the coolios would say, Best. Song. Ever. Listen for the trombone orchestra. And "Letter O" is a close second. Whatever you do, don't stop listening until the very end of the song.

It's been incredibly cool to have access to these songs again. He recorded them all years ago--some, years and years ago, early in our lives in Nashville. I was a bit surprised to find that I remembered all the words of almost every song. And almost every song has a complex mixture of emotional resonances for me. These days "Floating" consistently brings me to tears--it's some kind of record of where he was, and we were, five years ago.

Anyway, have a listen, and leave a comment about what you think. That Biffle is one talented bastard.

Kevin O'Mara, I have an envelope with your address on it, and at some point I plan to put Biffle's complete CD in it and mail it to you so that you can post the rest of the songs on your site.


The Mom said...

I listened to your songs, Walter, then discovered that I could download them to my iTunes. I now have them on my computer. I really liked them, and hope you'll put more on your MySpace. I used to have some of your songs on tape or cd, but don't know where they are. I really enjoy your originality and imagination.

Kenneth said...

Bravo! "Stuff" = beautiful. Makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

Alright! Now I've got new songs to go into rotation in winamp. Hurray! I don't remember ever hearing these!

Now I've just gotta get the Baroque song and the Romeo and Juliet Were Stupid song and the Everything is Stupid song! Oh, and the Trapped in Cookeville song! Okay. So I was never really good with titles. . .

Thanks so much for these!

aaron said...

yup yup yup...

I like 'em.