Going to the fair with five-year-olds

Claire, Nina, Adam, and I went to the Coastal Carolina Fair this weekend. We were there for a solid six hours, an amount of time that was comparable to the Piepmeier family Opryland outings when I was a kid. And just like the Piepmeiers did back in the day, we ate everything that we felt like eating: corn dogs, funnel cakes, elephant ears, popcorn, sweet potato fries, smoked sausage sandwiches, and cotton candy (but amazingly, no one threw a tantrum and no one threw up).

Here are the kids getting to feed the animals at the petting zoo.

We did bumper cars and posed for a quick photo while everyone else was exiting.

My dad has a rule about rides: he'll ride anything that doesn't go in a circle or leave the ground. Perhaps as a way of rebelling against this rule, I've developed a love for scary rides--roller coasters in particular, but really most thrill rides at the fair or an amusement park. It took me by surprise, then, when I hopped on the skyride with Adam and was suddenly struck with terror--or, perhaps my first glimmer of maternal feeling. He's so small, and there was absolutely nothing keeping him in that seat! He could have slid right out and plummeted to the ground below! So you'll notice in this picture that my arm is wrapped snugly around him. I tried to keep my cool--"Oh, Adam, look how neat it is to see all the rides from up here!"--but inside I was a bit panicky.

And this is my favorite picture from the day. The second time we rode the skyride, I had calmed down enough to take a self-portrait of us.


Kenneth said...

A couple of years ago Ereck and I were on the Ferris wheel at the Wisconsin State Fair when the carny operating the ride was led away by the police. Another carny quickly spotted him.

Conseula said...

Now I'm all kinds of disappointed that we didn't get to go. It looks like y'all had a great time.

Maig said...

What fun! Great pics.

Cate Bush said...

Love the self-portrait of you an Adam! And I'm finally on-line again from home. Very exciting :).

Slittle said...

That ALMOST looks like as much fun as our adventure in Middleofnowhere, SC. Have you devoured all the Duke's mayo yet?