Holiday update

Biffle and I had our holiday party last night. We've been throwing a big holiday party every year for 13 years now (although a few years ago we decided that every party should be our "10th annual," so that's what it's said on the invitations since then). This was our first year of having it in Charleston.

In many ways it was very similar to our previous party experiences. Lots of people came. The gift game was as riotous as it always was in Nashville--this was the part that most concerned me, because the success of the party rests on the gift game. Our gift games in Nashville were so cut-throat and long-lasting that people would come up to us in June and say, "I've picked out my gift for this year's party!"

Brian played a very important role in the game last night: he was the person who opens a crappy gift and then sells it like crazy, trying to convince someone to steal it. He got some Christmas drinking glasses, and he tried to pass them off as goggles, large earrings, and voice distorters that make you sound like Darth Vader.

One major difference between Nashville and Charleston parties: Charlestonians apparently have no love for weenie tots. Every year in Nashville Walter and I would serve weenie tots, and I'd think, "No one wants these. This is such a ridiculous food! This is the last year we're having them." But then at the end of the evening, the weenie tot pot would be completely empty, because Nashvillians love weenie tots. At the end of last night's party, we had just as many weenie tots as we started with, if not more. So, sadly, this probably has been the last year for weenie tots.

The sugar cookies were a big hit, though.


The Dad said...

So, Alison, our invitation to your Christmas party must have gotten lost in the mail. The Mom and I would have been so much fun. You would have been very happy (mmmfph...)

I like weenie tots but you would have had to buy dirt tots mmm weenie tots...

The Dad

Sarah said...

What on earth is a weenie tot? I'm assuming it's like a tater tot in some way, tot like and bite sized. Elaborate.

mary said...

sarah: it is bite sized... but not like a tot. tots are potatoes and have a fried crust. weenie tots are basically mini sausages. to make 'em really yummy you put them in a crock pot with bbq sauce and eat it with a toothpick.

it is really sad that this was the last year for the weenie tots. sniff.

The Dinner Partiers said...

Ha! I guessed last night that weenie tots were actually l'il smokies. I have pretty good intuition. Erin does love l'il smokies, and when I told her last night about people not wanting them she said you could send them to her.

Conseula said...

Frances liked the weenie tots. She ate a whole mess of weenie tots yesterday. (Brian also ate *all* the sugar cookies. The girls and I were not happy about that.)

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is...is the "ham in a can" still a gift, because really...you can't have the Biffle-Piepmeir gift game without it!! :)

Totally unrelated - I saw a 14' long wooden church pew for sale the other day in the StL Post Dispatch's "Bargain Box" section of the classifieds. It took me WAY back to your house off Granny White and the acquisition of the 3 seater bench that Walter got out of some old church or school. Good times. :)

- b