An honest bluegrass song

I know that many people still have things to say about weenie tots, but I just got a link that I had to share.

Biffle's been playing bluegrass and bluegrassy gospel since he was ten years old, but only this semester was he introduced to this song that articulates the message underlying most bluegrass gospel music.

The caveat: Don't listen to this is if you find blasphemy offensive. Biffle passed this on to one of his bluegrass friends here in Charleston, and he was absolutely appalled. He said, "I threw that CD into the garbage! But not before I scratched a nail back and forth across it so that no one else's ears would be stained with that blasphemy!"

Biffle notes that the phrasing in the song is just perfect--these guys are legitimate Southerners and bluegrass musicians.

So here's the song.


Conseula said...

Did they actually say they dragged a nail across the cd? That's kinda harsh. I haven't heard the sound yet, though.

The Mom said...

LOL! So marrying a Presbyterian is extreme punishment for horrible sins, huh? So what did Lee do???

aaron said...

This was a lovely song to accompany my pop tarts and coffee this morning before work!

Kenneth said...

This is the third time someone has independently brought this song to my attention.

The alarmed comments of Walter's friend notwithstanding, I'm not convinced the song is blasphemous. The Good Book overflows with stories of how the Almighty fucks people up. My personal favorite is the book of Nahum, about which I wrote a song fragment not dissimilar to this one. A couple of couplets:

Now Ninevah got in trouble deep (Oh Nahum)
For disrespectin' Yahweh's peeps (Oh Nahum)

Don't cross the Lord, He'll git you in the end
And He don't acquit the wicked, so you better not sin

Honest people of faith need to come to terms with what these stories mean.

Kevin O'Mara said...

This is fantastic.

Zane said...

I'm cryin' over here. That was spiritual.

Daniel said...

my day is made and I haven't even had breakfast yet.