Letter O

Check out my insane brother Gridgey's music video that he made for Biffle's song "Letter O." This is classic Gridge in that he fully commits to the comedy and doesn't quit. You get to see quite a bit of his personality emerge here--I love it because watching it is very much like being in the room with the Gridge and watching him amuse himself.


femme fortis said...

That was awesome! You should enter that video in some kind of contest.

Catherine said...

I'm so sad I can't see the video. Quicktime needs to download something that its website doesn't have in order to run the video
:(. Anybody know a way around this?


mary said...

is it a problem with our site? we have had a little trouble with that page and i can't seem to figure out what's up-it works for some people and not for others!

zane said...

Freakin' awesome. Music and Vid. Thanks.