Conseula and I are in Tucson, AZ, this weekend interviewing famous science fiction author Joanna Russ. It turns out that Tucson is a great city--a weird combination of unintentionally kitschy and gorgeous desert.

Here's a little photo essay of what we've done today.

Saw some saguaro cacti at the Saguaro National Park--some little ones, and some big ones.

Check out that enormous cactus!

And then we got to contribute to one of my long-term life goals: to eat fried dough from every culture on earth. I've long known about Native American fry bread, but I'd never had the chance to eat any before. And then there it was this afternoon--I was so excited! Note the woman on the right, actually making our fry bread.

And here we are, enjoying our delicious cheese fry bread. You'll notice that we're sitting in our car. That's because it was 104 degrees outside.


claire said...

that is one big cactus...and some delicious looking fry bread -- what is oozing out of the inside? 104 degrees -- that is crazy end of the world weather.

femme fortis said...

Y'all are goofy! I want some fry bread now!

104! Have you tried cookin' a chicken period on a rock yet?

Anonymous said...

We loved Tuscon when we were there last spring. When the desert is blooming (and the temps are in the 70s) is definitely a good time to go. The fry bread looks yummy!


Mrs. Fudge Pie said...

Actually, 104 degree temp in AZ is normal this time of year. I know 104 is hot at anytime, but at least it's a dry heat. Just think if it was 104 degrees in TN...we wouldn't be able to stand the humidity.

Alison said...

It's CHEESE oozing out of the fry bread. We could also have gotten it with chiles, beans, or honey. What an excellent food.

We didn't try cooking any food on rocks in Tucson, but we were very glad we slathered on the sunscreen, because we would have fried ourselves, for sure.

Catherine said...

I need to know more about your groovy orange shirt :).


The Mom said...

I noticed the shirt, too, and wondered if it were new...I don't remember seeing it before.

Happy 8th Anniversary in a couple of hours!

jaz said...

We were in Arizona also, a bit north of ya'll (Flagstaff to Holbrook on over to the Grand Canyon).