Million dollar birthday fries

In honor of Biffle's birthday, here's a series of random things.

We've been talking about how funny my dad is. Here are two good jokes of his:

  • I'm smoking a turkey. The only problem is, it's hard to keep it lit.

Here's another one. This joke depends on delivery, so we got Dad himself to tell it:

Here was one of our earlier efforts to capture this joke:

Also, here's a picture of last Saturday morning at our house. We had a bunch of our favorite people over for brunch. In fact, it was our one year anniversary of the first time we had this whole group over for brunch.

Happy birthday, Biffle!


b said...

Happy birthday, Walter. :)

Are those Liberty overalls you're wearing? My dad wears them all the time...

- b

mary said...

happy happy birthday walter!

claire said...

Hey! I totally forgot it was your birthday! Happy, happy day, week, month and year.

femme fortis said...

happy birthday, biffle!

who took the picture? or was it one of those timed things?

Conseula said...

Look at how cute we all are! Happy Birthday, Walter. We're sorry we missed you yesterday.