popemobile, part deux

Here's a little journey i've been on this morning (since i posted that below):

I googled popemobile.

I chose to read the wikipedia entry.

The word Portmanteau grabbed my attention the most and i clicked on it.

Being a good post-structuralist, i went on to read the link for Saussure.

Although i enjoyed this little bit of heady information, i was soon back on my usual pop culture track because of the fun "cultural references" section. In this case is was about the Magnetic Fields song called The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure.

Of most interest to me here, since i didn't know who they were, were the names Holland-Dozier-Holland.

Doing things like this is fun. It's also one of the reasons i know things like this:

The producer of the James Bond movies, Albert R. Broccoli, may be responsible for the death of Ted Healy, the original leader of the Three Stooges.

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