More chocolate malts

"Hey, aren't you the bloggers?" the bartender at Kaminsky's asked us last night.

Last weekend, on the recommendation of my office assistant, we went to Kaminsky's to try their chocolate malts. The malts were excellent--extremely malty. They tasted just like a malted milk ball. But maybe not quite thick enough. I like a really thick chocolate malt. I like to have to work quite a bit to get it through the straw. If you can drink it too quickly, then the fun is over.

While we were there we got into a conversation with the bartender and told her about our quest to find the best chocolate malt in the Lowcountry. Although Kaminsky's is apparently known for its shakes and malts, the bartender told us to try Brusters, where you can get a chocolate malt with a banana blended in. "It's so good!" she said. "I had one just the other day."

Last night we were in the neighborhood again, so we stopped back at Kaminsky's for another malt. These were even better than the time before--thick enough that Biffle ate his with a spoon. As a side note, I don't approve of eating a malt with a spoon. I much prefer filling the straw, then using the straw to hoist up a big blob of malt and whipped cream from the glass, and sucking it all up. Even though, as Biffle noted, I essentially just use the straw as a spoon, I find that it disrupts the malt experience to use silverware. It's like eating Asian food with a fork--it tastes better if you use chopsticks. The straw is the only appropriate malt implement.

But the bartender recognized us, the bloggers who are searching for the best malt. She wanted to know if we'd tried Bruster's yet, but I told her we'd been slacking and hadn't tried any malts at all since we'd seen her. "I went last night," she said, "But they were out of bananas. It was disappointing." When she gave us our check, she left a little post-it note that said, "Bruster's--Google it!" with a smiley face.

I feel that we have an identity now, and a responsibility. We will keep searching for the ultimate chocolate malt. Perhaps tonight we'll try Brusters.


femme fortis said...

Yeah! Bruster's malts are pretty good. And I don't know about the one in Charleston, but the one in Knoxville also serves ice cream for dogs so you should bring them along for a special treat!

kait said...

ha! gazillions of ex-boyfriends have mocked my straw habits... i KNEW they were proper! glad to have it verified by baxter sez. (ok, so i tend to drink beverages via picking them up a straw-full at a time if i'm being fidgety, which is probably a lot less reasonable, but nonetheless...)

Alison said...

Glad to know that I should bring the dogs! That will be fun.

And Kait, I'm very happy to provide official sanctioning for your straw practices.

Taylor said...

Ok, so I am posting comments on your blog for once. As it is a little stalkerish I read it, but don't comment.

Brusters has quite delicious ice cream. I have never tried the chocolate malt, but the birthday cake is the best I have ever had. Also, Sonic just introduced a chocolate malt shake with "Whoopers" (malted milk balls) in it.