The Snake*

I'm in Cookeville this weekend for the Tennessee Tech Homecoming Parade (more on this tomorrow), so tonight mom took me, Gridge, and Mary to the Shaken Snake for 24 ounces of chocolate malty goodness. They were as delicious as I remembered.

I think the Snake makes their malts with a malt syrup instead of malt powder, because mine tonight had a creamy malty layer at the bottom of the glass--it tasted sort of like molasses. It was good. Gridgey actually considered getting his malt with extra malt, but he thought it might be too much.

The malts at Kaminsky's are a bit chocolatey-er than the Snake's, maybe because they drizzle chocolate syrup all over the inside of the glass. I think it may be a draw between Kaminsky's and the Snake as to who has the better chocolate malt. I still haven't tried Bruster's, though.

*I would like to note that, although my dad didn't come to the Snake with us, he has been helping with this blog post. Most of his comments--which involved things like, "After I drank my third malt and stood up to walk out the door, I burped so loud I stopped cars on I-40"--haven't made it into the post. He gently suggested that this might be one of my more boring posts, but I'm not sure that I have much more to say.

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