Going to the fair again

Claire and I went to the fair last year with her kids--an event that was memorialized here--and now we've done it again. So it's officially a tradition. The things eaten by our group over the course of our five hours at the fair were: a deep-fried Snickers, deep-fried Oreos, sweet potato fries, a corn dog, an Italian sausage sandwich, caramel apples, popcorn, an elephant ear, a funnel cake, pizza, a Philly cheese steak, and a turkey leg. Very nutritious. Claire adored the deep-fried Oreos, although all the day's deep-fried samplings confirmed for me the excellence of the funnel cake. I think it may be the epitome of fried food. Funnel cake, food of the gods.

You may remember that last year I rode the skyride with five-year-old Adam and was struck with terror that his tiny body might slip off the seat and plummet to the grease-stained pavement below. This year I was a bit calmer, although I still put my arm around him when we rode. He seemed unconcerned.

Biffle came along this year, and he apparently had no fears of Frances falling out of the skyride.

The kids were older this year, which meant faster rides and longer waits in line. Biffle and I were honored to take Frances on her first roller coaster ride ever. In this picture I think I may be elbowing Frances in the eyeball, an event about which she was quite gracious.

Near the end of the day, we made it to a second roller coaster, which I don't even remember seeing last year. Everybody but Claire rode this one--the kids were all so brave! We never did find out the name of it, but Nina, Adam, and Frances all said that "roller coaster number two" was their favorite ride of the day.


Cate Bush said...

Loved the pictures! I would've kept Claire company on the ground of course :).


claire said...

Cate -- glad to hear there is another roller coaster averse person in alison's life.

Curtis said...

Is it sad that I'm such a coaster-nerd that I can tell the manufacturers of those rides just from your pics?

The Dad said...

Yea Alison

Seeing these pictures reminds me of one of my favorite rules for "Daddy" and fair rides.

-I don't ride on anything that goes in a circle or leaves the ground.

Remember the annual stuffed animal from the fair

Good pictures

The Dad

Kenneth said...

Remind me to tell you about the time Ereck and I were on the Ferris wheel at the Wisconsin State Fair and the carny running it was taken away in handcuffs by the police.