Oh, gibbous, gabbous day!

So, lo and behold, i've gotten the guitar of my dreams!

Way back in January of 2006 i wrote about a particular guitar here on the blog. If you so care (and really--you probably shouldn't) you can read what i wrote here. The long and short of it, though, was that a friend of mine--named Horizontal Harry--owned my favorite guitar in the world...and wouldn't sell it to me. My only recourse to have such a fine guitar was to try and buy an instrument from the same maker and hope that the one i got was as good.

For 3 years or so now--about once a month--i've been looking at this notice on Mario Proulx's website. I mean, if the guy wouldn't take any new orders, then how was i ever going to get a guitar from him? Additionally, it was dawning on me that when the demand outstrips the supply like it obviously was over Mario's guitars i wouldn't be able to afford one even if he would deign to take my order.

Well, right when i was about to give up hope what do you know but I get a phone call from Harry saying "Hey! Waltah!" (I knew Harry up in Massachusetts) "Do you still wanna buy this guitah?" I told him--after i got my heart back in my chest, to ship it down, and if it was everything i remembered it being, then i'd send him back a check. I figured no way that guitar could really be as good as i made it out to be in my head. Amazingly, it was even better.

And so now i am the proud owner of a Proulx DA/1, serial number 000221 (i don't know what the first "2" is for, but this guitar is the 21st he made--and evidently even now he's only up to like 120.
It is made of rosewood and red spruce and is very, very plain looking. Other than its celestial sound, one of the things i like a lot about this guitar is how it kind of wears its history real obviously. Not only have I picked with its only two other owners (Earl and Harry), and spoken to its maker on the telephone, but, as number 21, it also shows signs that it was being made by someone just learning their art (sorry, Mario). If you look here
at the inlay of Mario's name you can see where there is a lot of black filler around it. I think that is just so charming! ...of course, i would think it sucked it the guitar weren't one of the most beautiful sounding things i've ever picked up.

Anyway, as you can see, i'm just out of my mind with joy.

(Thank you, Harry. I'm so grateful you thought of me when you went to sell it.)


Anonymous said...

You boys and your guitars...I can remember the very moment my boy picked up his Weber acoustic and knew it had to come home with us. I am still surprised I was allowed to ride in the front seat of the car.


Sarah said...

Oh my god, you are the happiest boy I know. Congratulations dude.

Quiche said...

"...And I don't give a damn about a greenback dollar, spend it fast as I can,
For a wailin' song and a good guitar the only things that I understand...Oh Boy!"

Congratulations on the lovely guitar! It was obviously meant for you.

You know, the pressure is on even more so with the new guitar- you could perhaps update your MySpace with all that new found inspiration

Anonymous said...

Hey, Waltah. harry here. I loved that guitar but after hearing you play I knew when I sold it (if I ever did) it would go to you. it is a great instrument and i'm glad it went to a friend, enjoy.