Good news out in the world

I've been absent here on Baxter Sez for a while because my mantra these days is prioritize. I am all about focusing on my top priorities, and these days Baxter Sez hasn't been on that list. However, I have some good news related to the thing that is my top priority right now (my book), which inspired me to share some of the good things that have been happening lately. Consider this your Friday happy booster.

  • I have signed with NYU Press to publish my book, Revolution Grrrl Style: Zines and the Future of Feminism. I'm really happy about this because they're publishing some outstanding feminist work here lately, and they have a great pop culture list, so I think they'll be ideal for my project. Last night I sent emails sharing this news all the grrrl zinesters I've interviewed, and most of them have sent me sweet, encouraging emails back. They are the coolest! I hope this project will do them justice.
  • Last week CofC's WGS Program sponsored two outstanding performances of The Vagina Monologues. This year I did nothing--nothing!--to help with this show. The student director, performers, and producers did it all, and it was fabulous. They raised nearly $8000 for People Against Rape and the Magdalene House of Charleston.
  • My good friend Chris McKaskle's new book, Accepting Your Resurrection, is for sale now. This is an incredibly smart, warm book that uses concepts from Christianity as a jumping-off point for big spiritual ideas that go far beyond Christianity. I haven't talked about spirituality much here, but Chris is one of the people who has been a key figure in my spiritual journey, and I'm so excited that she's put some of her insights into book form.


Christine McKaskle said...

Woah - thanks for the shout out, Alison! And congratulations on choosing your press. I can't wait!


Syd said...

Congrats on the publishing contract. Sounds as if you have some busy but great times ahead.

jaz said...


I always love to hear of publishing success.

Congratulations, Alison!

Curtis said...

I'll buy a copy... and I'll read it, too!