Skirt!'s Feminism 101

Check out this awesome video by former WGS student and long-time fabulous feminist Margaret Pilarski. And then check out the appalling comments! Who are these people?


Syd said...

The comments are from half wits who dislike (and probably hate) women, especially smart women.

Anonymous said...

The thing to understand about this kind of prejudice is that it is totally without substance. These guys don't really hate feminists. They don't even know feminists. What they hate is some artificial image that has been created in their minds to which they attach the word "feminist". And there may be some fragments of actual experience to which they also attach that word, but the image they have in their minds is mostly fabricated.

Not that it matters - much - to someone who believes that it's good to be prejudiced against some set of people. If they can label you a feminist or a liberal or whatever according to their own definitions (regardless of how little actual resemblance there is between you and the image they have in their minds) then they have a good reason to maintain that distance from you and refuse to get to know you any better.

The sad thing is that most prejudice is like that. For something with so little basis in reality, prejudice has an amazingly huge effect.

Blogless Reader said...

An artificial image that Pilarski does little to erase with her litany of things feminists hate. I realize her video is supposed to be humorous and a little whimsical (I hope) However, even when offered with a smile, her laundry list comes off as mildly vitriolic at best. Trying to find common ground with others by focusing on what you might mutually hate is really not helpful.

Kenneth said...

Pat Sajak?