Why I Aspire to Wear Overalls

I have...oh...five or six heroes in my life. The author, Wendell Berry, is probably number 1. My mama's daddy is on that list. A third is a man named Hector Black. While all three of these men are there for different reasons, i guess it should be noted that all of them are farmers and all of them wear overalls. Anyway, Hector is a man who has owned a farm near Cookeville, Tn. for years and years. He has grown responsibly produced food there since, i think, before i was born. He has allowed many people to come to Hidden Springs to live and learn how to grow their own food in exchange for a little bit of labor.

There's a thing called Story Corps and Alison showed me today where Hector is on there. Follow the link below to listen to Hector's story. I want to warn you, however, it's very sad.

Hector Black on StoryCorps


Quiche said...

Daddy wore overalls too (: Thank you for sharing Hector. I'm grateful they have recorded his story, and I hope more people will hear it. Thank you Walt.

mary said...

I am glad you put up Hectors story. I like him a lot...I always think of him as the man who never stops smiling. and it's amazing that he can do that seeing what he has been through.