Dan Conover--neighbor, early supporter of Baxter Sez, and writer for the Post and Courier newspaper here in Charleston--maintains a fantastic blog called Xark. A real Renaissance Man, that Dan Conover.

As i was catching up on some blog friends today i stopped by to look at what Dan had to say on Xark. I was pleased to find he had put up a video to his movie project Brunch of the Living Dead. While the whole thing is pretty funny, it gets even funnier--and a shitload more gloriously juvenile--when you find out that not only is there a Making of in the making, but a Making of the Making of in the making. What do you make of that?

Here: Take a look.

And Janet, Dan's wife (that's right: Dan and Janet!) may be up for a nomination in her spot-on spoof of a number munching marketing consultant.

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