Baby knitting

I was in Tennessee visiting my family last weekend, and while I was there I got to witness my mother in action. When she's not working or at a doctor's appointment or something, she's knitting--and these days it seems like much of her knitting is for the Biffle-Piepmeier baby. She sent me home with a bunch of great stuff. Here are the incredible knitted items our baby has accumulated so far:

Newborn hat, with an umbilical-cord-style attachment on the top.

This is a beautiful green sweater. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but it's fairly wide, as if she's expecting us to have an unusually chunky baby.

A blanket. Biffle got sort of artistic with arranging this one for the picture.

Wool diaper covers, soaked in lanolin to make them water resistant.

These are wool pants, also soaked in lanolin. I think they're adorable, but I'm a bit concerned that it may not ever get cold enough in Charleston for a baby to need wool pants.

And this one is my very favorite:
The R2D2 hat! Trey found this online, and I immediately forwarded the link to mom, who agreed to make it. Somehow it turned out a bit coneheaded, but we figure if we make the baby wear it every day, then its head will grow to fit the hat.


The Mom said...

Not all these things are for the baby when it's newborn, you know. The sweater will be available whenever the baby grows to that size...it will probably be a short sleeved sweater, though. And the long pants are for when you bring the baby to TN for Thanksgiving and Christmas! :-) More to come. I'm working on a shortie, 6 month size now.

Rairy said...

Adorable. I love the blanket colors.

Depending on what fiber was used for the R2D2 hat - you might have luck washing it and letting it dry while placed over a bowl to help round out its shape.

Oh and if your Mom hasnt discovered it already she might really enjoy ravelry.com

jims said...

I've been knitting for the PiepBaby too, but I only learned about three days ago just for this purpose. I feel so upstaged!

mary said...

okay listen. your baby is going to need like 3 pairs of those long pants to wear all at the same time when you come up to vermont to visit.

Cate Bush said...

Kelly, you're so talented! My favorites are the striped pants and the R2D2 cap. Too too cute.


The Mom said...

rairy - I think the problem with the R2D2 beanie is that I'd never done the kind of knitting that carries one color behind another. This was my second attempt and it was much better than the first!

And, yes, I have discovered ravelry.com - thanks for the suggestion.

And thanks, Cate! I'm glad you like them. I'm having much fun making them. I'm hopeful that they will, indeed, breathe, as "advertised", and that they won't be too hot for the Charleston weather. I'm sure I'll do more of the shortie version if Alison and Baby Biffle-Piepmeier like them!

Biffle said...

i don't really know how the genetics work out, but i didn't have hair until i was three. Hot Charleston not withstanding, i figure little babies might need something on their bald heads.

Alison said...

Jims, I agree with Biffle: we can definitely use more baby hats, especially for the tiny non-cold-resistant person in the fall. It's so sweet that you're learning to knit for the baby!

And if you're going to be upstaged by anybody, it might as well be the grandmother.