A Few Words About The Banjo

Not Really. What i really want to talk about here is the article of clothing i'm wearing in these photographs: A sarong.

I went to visit my friend Sarah recently and she had one of these that she let me borrow. More or less, it was just a really large tube of cloth that one steps into, turns the top over to assure a proper length, folds it back on itself to assure a fit around the waist and then simply rolls down the top to hold the thing on. It takes all of 15 seconds to do, which is about 2 or 3 seconds more than it takes to actually make on a sewing machine.

For the one i have on in this picture, Alison and i went to the fabric store and bought two yards of cloth (44" inches wide--the standard width). It was on sale for a couple dollars a yard. It had selvaged edges which only required me to sew one end of the cloth to the other with a straight stitch on the sewing machine and voila! a sarong!

Now, for the more obvious problem: I'm wearin' a skirt. While it doesn't matter a hill of beans to me if i'm wearin' a skirt, i've kinda reached an age where i've gotten weary of scandalizing other people. While, if given the chance, i think i would wear nothing but these for years to come, i'm just not sure how that would go over in Charleston. I sure wish i could though...What could be sarong with that?


Anonymous said...

Did you compose this post just so you could write that last line?

Like the sarong--it triggered a childhood memory for me: For years in the summers, my dad would put on this double-knit polyester, quilted mini-skirt he used to have. He wore it around the house in the hot afternoons, usually after he'd showered on days he'd been out in the garden all morning. Back in the day, we didn't turn on the AC unless the temp got above 90 for several days in a row. I never thought it was that unusual, but it strikes me that none of my friends ever talked about their dad's skirts. He later replaced it with a terrycloth wrap-around number. Not quite as colorful, but less scratchy than double-knit.


Anonymous said...

What's sarong with......sheesh. That's terrible. I have to recommend a really big ass safety pin to keep it closed. I was working in the garden last night without one, bent over to pick up a zucchini and pow. Sarong at my feet. I'm pretty sure there was no one watching.


Biffle said...

djl: he wore undies with that mini-skirt, no?

sarah: You know that story i tell about Hoy? It's starts off with "out working in the garden nekkid," you know? My story involves a cucumber, though. ...zucchini, cucumber...very similar vegetables.

Quiche said...

Banjo Guru! In Java you wouldn't be out of place. They were originally a unisex clothing. Yours with the tartan sort of plaid is actually reminiscent of the Ikat sarongs the men wear in Java. You'd probably appreciate the kurta shirts too.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, this made me giggle so I had to comment. As it turns out, I believe it's more popular for a man to (want to) wear a skirt in Charleston than you think. My good friend goes to the college and always talks about wanting to be able to wear a skirt- so he took the African dancing class as an excuse to do so (for they can wear skirt-type-fold-y things). Also, I was talking to a random man in Charleston just the other day who told me he was thinking about applying to the College in order to get his degree, but then the guy with him said that in order to 'fit in' he'd have to start wearing a skirt like all the other 'hippy guys' that roam the sidewalks do. So- I say go for it! Set the example and become the male fashion icon my friend is so hoping for or 'fit in' like the random man claims you would. Either way- it's a win-win situation.

slittle said...

An article from salon.com on men wearing skirts:

Biffle's ahead of the trend!