Why NOT to Give a Camera to a Piepmeier

Alison used to do photo albums. We have a cabinet full of beautifully dated and arranged photo albums. Since we went digital, however, all that's kinda fallen by the wayside and we just keep everything on my computer. It's a shame really, cause while we get those photo albums out a lot, we rarely look at pictures on the computer.

Anyway, back when we used those photo albums, Alison was the one who took on the chore of editing the shots and placing the photos on their little sticky pages. Since the format change that job has been mine. That's cool, but we there's a problem: while Alison had no problem with the tactile problem of assembling the photos in a book, she can't stand the more abstract editing of the digital realm (probably one of the reasons some folks continue to make zines in a bloggy kind of world , right Alison?)

So. Where this disconnect of A's leaves me is often with a 9 gillion gig photo card full of images of people's shoes, blurry images of dog faces and various ill-framed shots of visiting feminist scholars. And it's my job to go through and sort the wheat from the chaff. And there's a lot of chaff.

You may recall Alison's visit to the Ben and Jerry's factory up in Vermont. She wrote about it here complete with a pretty little photo of her in front of a bus. It looked like this:

Below, however, is the process of what it took to get there:


Alison said...

Yeah, I think only ONE of the Piepmeiers is responsible for that series of pictures. This post should be called "Why NOT to Give a Camera to Gridgey."

Kenneth said...

Hope you're backing up your hard drive.

mary said...

you should see the tens of thousands of photos we have on our computer...thanks to gridgeys insane style of photography.

Aaron said...

but ohh how much fun was made. as many things I do, it's about the process not the end result.

you know, like when you're pooping. It's great in the middle, but when you're finished you've got a filthy butt.