Tonight's Gig

Below is a simple cut and paste of a semi-mass email i sent out to some buddies here in Charleston today. If you live within 5 or 6 hours of Charleston, you may want to consider jumping in the car right now and getting yerself on down here. These are the most fun gigs i've ever played in my life.

Hi all:

I have been kindly asked by many folks to let them know when i'm playing a gig. I've been asked to update my Myspace page , send a small email, give the tiniest hint as to when i'd playing a show. I haven't done any of that...until now...

Tonight--and evidently every Tuesday for the rest of the summer--i am being given the privilege of sitting in with Bob Sachs and the Maniacs out at Dunleavey's on Sullivan's Island. We start at 7 and finish up most the time around ten.

I don't know if you've ever heard these guys play, but you need to: Roger Bellow, on fiddle and banjo and guitar and vocals, is probably the best musician i've ever been honored to play with and funnier than Groucho Marx. Mandolin playing wizard and high tenor, Bob Sachs, is a veteran of some great New England buegrass bands, Gary Hewitt on bass has been said by many a musician here in Charleston to have the "deepest groove in town." We play anything from texas swing to old country to new bluegrass to jazz standards to tin pan alley to...you get the point. Actually, you might not: last week, for instance, we played that great hit from the roaring 20's The Sheik of Araby with a visiting ukulele expert, followed that up with the Merle Haggard's the Bottle Let Me Down (with one verse in Spanish) and finished up with a twenty minute medley that ended with three part harmony on Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Really.

Come on out and see us.



kait said...

hah! found myself checking to see if the lineup had anything in common with the v-tones... sure enough, roger bellow's listed as a sometimes-v-tone on their myspace page. sounds like a super-fun group - wish i weren't 8 hours out. have the local swing dancers discovered you yet? would dunleavey's have any space if they did? (charleston's dancers tend to be a groovier scene, but some of 'em may be into trad jazz, which tends to lead to adoring tin pan/bluegrass/jugband/etc sorts of mixes.)

Biffle said...

naw, Dunleavey's couldn't support a crowd of dancers. It's what we folks in the biz call "intimate." Some others, not in the biz, would call it out-of-the-way, watering hole, tiny, and, finally, "an Irish pub in South Carolina."

The Mom said...

Sure wish I were going to be there on a Tuesday... :-(

hazel Ketchum said...

tell Roger I'm showing up some night with my boa and Kiss of Fire ready - he'll know what that means.

Elizabeth said...

Roger is a great musician. I hope to come out to hear you all.