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My dad and brother have written the most ridiculously adorable comments to the last post. In case you don't peruse the comments section, I've pulled them out here for your enjoyment. My dad wrote:

So, I've given the "Adventure Mom" some thought. It would fit perfectly as an action, sitcom.

Adventure Mom
Super Power - teacher, author, mother, able to use superior intellect to expose the chauvinist and sexist (and makes some tasty cookies)

Danger Dad
Super Power - builder, musician, father, able to create by using his superior artistic skills (continually puts himself in dangerous situations without hurting himself - hardly)

Super Baby (aka Maybelline, sugar bean, weanie beanie...)
Super Power - stealing peoples hearts with just a glance

Stinky Deez and Dinosaur Head Benya
Super Power - hmmm... protectors of the super home... (barking, drooling, being very veecious)

Scene 1
Exterior house on Rutledge. Sunny day, late afternoon
Entering from right on street - Adventure Mom (riding bike, with backpack, Super Baby in the her Bjorn, cell phone in one hand and towing a small wagon with all the awards she had won that day)

She rides to the front of the house. Ever watchful, the Stinky Deez and the Dinosaur Head Benya are asleep on the front porch.

As she enters the gate, there is a crash and small explosion from the rear of the house.
Danger Dad comes around the side of the house (wearing coveralls and a tshirt that is slightly smoldering in spots)

Adventure Mom -"Biffle... (sigh) ... are you OK"
Danger Dad -"Yea sweety (as he pats out a smoldering spot on arm of his tshirt), I'm fine.

The dogs awake, start barking and jumping (except for Deez who is just trying to get to her feet).
Super Baby smiles, looks directly in the camera and says "Just another typical day..."

To be continued...?
The cuteness of this comment is challenged only by this comment from Aaron:

next time you should dress up Maybelle in a fancy business outfit and talk to her like she's your really tiny boss. Take messages for her, cover her ears when you tell people that she's cranky, and you should probably invest in a miniature laptop that you can strap to her while she is strapped to you.

Oh, if only I had a miniature laptop!

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Rebekah said...

I love the comment about Maybelle as your boss - THAT is hilarious (and partly true?).