Two cool things

As you all know, I've been thinking a lot about the work/family balance these days. Some days I feel like things are going well, and other days I proclaim that my goal is for my work to be "minimally adequate" (which is the SC constitution's standard for public education). As one friend encouragingly put it today, "It's not just good. It's good enough." Hell, yeah. I'm not the only person thinking about these things, and another friend has a great interview about motherhood and academia that came out recently. Worth a read.

The second cool thing is a follow up on my cameo appearance in The East Village Inky. Not only did I appear, mentioned by name, but there's another more subtle way in which my presence was felt in the zine. Note the following picture of Inky:
Recognize that shirt? That is none other than the Full Frontal Feminism shirt that I have shamelessly sold via Skirt! magazine, that I used in a fruitless attempt to woo Stephen Colbert, that I myself am wearing in my own publicity photo. I sent that shirt to Ayun Halliday. I feel even more famous now.

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