Sitting up for real

Sitting up with Daddy, originally uploaded by AlisonPiepmeier.

Within the last week, Maybelle has learned how to go from sitting with her hands propping her up, to sitting unsupported. Apparently this is a big deal for a baby's cognitive development, because it means that her hands are free to explore the world around her, and she can learn about cause and effect, gravity, object permanence, not to mention how a wider variety of things taste.


Sarah said...

Not to mention friggin' adorable. Go Maybelle!

Pam said...

She's obviously quite proud of this accomplishment...congrats to Maybelle!!!

Regenia said...

that's wonderful! A has been working on her clock impression -- lay her down with her butt at 6, head at 12, and before you know it, she's two thirds of the way around the circle. Now if her arms and legs would cooperate with her butt, she'd be able to turn over.

Erica said...

Way to go Maybelle! What a cutie!!

The Mom said...

Alison, I was finally able to get the "Ba-ba-ba-ba" video up on my FaceBook page last night. It took so long to upload that I went to bed, and it was done this morning - so I don't know how long it actually took. Whew...don't know how many I have the patience to do!

I love these new photos! She just gets cuter and more adorable all the time! I wanna squish her! :-) I'm so proud of her! (Not exactly accurate, as I have done nothing "of which to be proud", but you know what I mean.)

Jen H. said...

what a smile!

Amber Cantrell said...

Hi! This is a little random, considering the picture of Maybelle(cuteness incarnate) that I'm commenting on...sorry.

I'm actually going to be a freshman at cofc in the fall, and I just finished my orientation session.

I'm an honors nerd, and I met with Maria Richardson (who I loved because she fangirl gushed with me about Ira Glass) to organize my schedule.

She mentioned your name, and how awesome you were and told me to check out your blog, which obviously I did. And I totally agree - you are in fact full of amazing.

I'm taking the intro women's and gender class in the upcoming semester, and I am definitely the most excited about it. My fingers are firmly crossed that I have you as a teacher (er, professor? gotta learn the lingo, I guess), but even if I don't, I still know it will be liberating and charming and challenging and, just, yes!

I just wanted to express my excitement/enthusiasm and introduce myself via the internet.

You and your family seem like really fantastic people that I can't wait to meet.

Most sincerely,

Amber Cantrell

Cate Bush said...

How freakin' cool! Yay Maybelle :).

Anonymous said...

What an adorable photo! And what a smile! Way to go Maybelle.