The Ween and Benya

Over the months, we've posted a couple of pictures of Maybelle and Benya together, to document the Ween's growth. Here's the latest installment, showing not only how much bigger she is but also how much more active:

For comparison's sake, here's one from December and the earliest one, from September.

Looking at these pictures, it seems to me that Maybelle is staying the same size and Benya is just shrinking.


Meghann said...


AP: You know I'm always looking for the next shocking and scary thing to get infuriated at.

In light of Dr. Tiller's murder, Jezebel found this:


No. Words -- but I think it might spark some VERY interesting discussion with the Women's Clinic group :)

Miss you!!

mary said...

the picture on the top is totally fantastic.

Curtis said...

That top pic is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Nom nom nom!