Straight hair

Claire and I got our hair cut yesterday. It was long past time for me to have my hair cut, because I'd reverted to my old habit of wearing my hair in a ponytail everyday out of frustration. Claire actually made us the appointment--who knows how long it would have taken me to get around to it.

It seems to me that pregnancy and breastfeeding have sucked all the life out of my hair. Instead of having gorgeous curls, lately I'm mostly stuck with frizz and unruly tendrils. So I told the stylist that I wanted a better haircut, with three requirements:

  1. I will not do anything to my hair. I don't own a blowdryer, and I will not do any at-home styling.
  2. The only exception to #1 is that I'll put product (and lots of it) in my hair.
  3. No bangs.
So she chopped and thinned and layered--there was a lot of hair on the floor when she finished. And then she decided that, for her own enjoyment, she wanted to see what my hair would look like straightened. I told her it's never been done before, so she decided she would be the first. She got out the straightening iron. An hour later (yes, a full hour!), here is what I looked like:
Pretty wild, isn't it? Apparently it'll stay like this until I wash it, so I'm enjoying having a completely different head of hair for a couple of days.


Aaron Piepmeier said...

I wanna straighten my pit hair

James said...

Awesome haircut! And I love the t-shirt.

Meghann said...


Miss you!

PS: the word verification word for this comment is "trimmors" -- not technically a real word, but phonetically, quite appropriate.

Da Fudge Pie said...

I like it. Looks good on you.

Robin said...

All the stylists these days are nuts about straight hair. I told one last time that I wanted it straight but with body, not flat and he still made it flat.

Anonymous said...

Aiee! Where's Alison? (just kidding) (mostly)


Cate Bush said...

Cool hair cut and it's fun to see it straight. Sarah Bush was wowed to see it straight - especially since it's something she's wanted to try :).

I'd like a picture of it curly too!


PamelaDiane said...

Nice hair Alison! I chopped off all of my hair in January! Yeah to new moms having new 'dos! I am rocking a 2-3 inch afro...depends if I have time to pick it out before jetting to work in the morning! I love the new hair! I hope you are well!

The Mom said...

Every time I check your page and see this photo, it strikes me. I don't think I've seen you with straight hair since the short time it went straight when you were about 4.