Fun news

It's not all rage and despair over here. Eliza McGraw came to town on a kind of spur of the moment my-friend-has-a-brain-tumor-and-I-have-to-be-there trip, and we had a really fun weekend. There are many good things about Eliza coming to town, but two of them are

1. She's a fabulous cook, and
2. She's a fabulous photographer.

Check out the gorgeousness of Maybelle, out in the January cold.
Happy Maybelle
Serious baby

Also, for added cuteness, here is Nina Krasnoff with Benya:
Nina and Benya

And there's Girl Zines news! Amanda Marcotte has uploaded her interview with me on RH Reality Check. The part with me goes from 6:54 to 21:24. As you listen, keep in mind that I was recovering from an undiagnosed seizure the night before. I'm amazed at how coherent I sound.


Martin said...

Her eyes are beautiful in the close photo! Piercing. Pretty baby :)

emboogie said...

Is that a TOOTH!?!?! I think I see one!!! Great photos : ) I got a SPECTACULAR new camera for Christmas and I've been practicing my skills on all of the kids I keep. Id love to take some of Maybelle sometime if you like.

Alison said...

It IS a tooth. Isn't it great? Click on any of the photos and you'll get taken to our Flickr page, and there's a photo there where you can see the tooth in all its hugeness.

We would love some more Maybelle pictures if you want to come practice with your new camera!

Quiche said...

Lovely photos, and glad you had a lovely weekend! Gonna go listen to the interview!

Sarah M. said...

What a beautiful celebration of life. Maybelle's eyes are just amazing. So glad you could enjoy friendship, good food and good times.
I'm looking forward to listening to the interview!!!

Christie said...

Just lovely, as always.

When's the big day?