A less interesting post than the one below, but one with some information

It seems like there's been so much going on that I can't possibly write about it all. But if I focus on the high points, there's not so much. Perhaps I'll flesh this out later, but for now, here are the main bullet points:

  • We met with Friedman at Duke on Tuesday, and he seems like a great guy (and, of course, a fantastic neurosurgeon).
  • If you get a brain tumor, I strongly recommend that you have an uncle who's a neurosurgeon, because there's absolutely no way to take in all the information that your actual neurosurgeon gives you.  Plus, your actual neurosurgeon is likely to try to give you a balanced perspective, while--when you call your uncle the morning after your visit with your actual neurosurgeon--your uncle will tell you what he really thinks.  Very helpful.  Not to mention that your uncle is probably thinking of you a little bit in terms of, "What would I do if this were my daughter?"--and I think that leads to heartfelt guidance.
  • I'm going to have brain surgery, but, much to my frustration, we haven't been able to schedule it yet.  It'll probably be sometime in early February.
  • I keep telling people that we're going to need help after the surgery, and that's true.  The recovery period is going to be a lot of hard work.  Although Biffle still has money on me trying to check my email within a week.


Tawanda Bee said...

Please keep us posted on dates... sending powerful love and healing right NOW.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the newsy post, Alison...and thanks for putting the information up for all of us who are hungry to know what's going on.....

Sending love to you and Walter and Maybelle, from Nashville


Jill said...

Sorry you have to wait longer than you thought for surgery. That's tough for everyone in both of your families and you. I know you just want to get the surgery overwith and on with the recuperation.

Get Maybelle's face in the next video!

Connection Maven said...

Dr. Friedman cared/operated on both my brother in law and my brother. He is a very gifted surgeon. Good hands!