Surgery date

A friend reminded me recently that I haven't let Baxter Sez readers know about the date of the surgery.  It's going to be Feb. 12.  We'll be in the Durham area from Feb. 11 through probably Feb. 19.  Now I feel the voice of my internalized father warning, "You don't tell people when you're going to be out of town!  They might rob the house!"--so please be aware that people will be in our house the whole time we're gone.


Martin said...

Thank the friend. The Martinflaps collective will be thinking about you all. As per usual kisses to Maybelle and maybe make Biffle give you an extra hug. Good luck!

The Fudge Pie then said...

Mmmm...You're telling people you're gonna be gone. Mmmmm... Where's your coat then?

crowlk said...

i want to be thinking about you on that day so i'm glad to know the date. i have so many questions that are mundane like--do you eat anything before? what happens to your hair? and how is inky? ok, i'll stop. xo.