Two shout-outs

I was delighted to find that College of Charleston's Women's and Gender Studies Program and my Subaru got shout-outs today.  Quick thoughts about each of these shout-outs:  the interview I did for the WGS article was a great recovery moment for me, because I realized I can do a newspaper interview perfectly effectively.  As for the Subaru love, I'd just like to say it's surprising how often I see someone--either on the street or driving behind us--taking a picture of the back of my car.  Apparently it's a rich, rewarding text.

Come on back tomorrow when I promise I'll tell you all about my feelings toward Dr. Mo Mo.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad my shoutout didn't creep you out!

Pam said...

I've seen the back of your car on the crosstown, and was bummed that I didn't have a camera! Love it.

Totally0Random said...

Alison, I need to know what you think of the new http://www.ubykotex.com/ ad campaign. I think it's brilliant, but I'm sure you have a more complex view. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

-- Mel