Alison, from the road

I'm in Connecticut for my cousin's wedding this weekend.  If I were a Twitterer, here's what I might have written so far:

  • Taxi to the CHS airport.  Driver made careful mention of racism.  I said, "If you're talking about Charleston, I'm sure it's racism."  Delighted, he then launched into a civil rights lecture that lasted the rest of the trip.
  • Surprise extended family mini-van trip from the Hartford airport to New Haven.  Made Uncle Rodger be the ceremonial dad and drive us all.
  • CT Pieps seem very concerned that the unairconditioned church will be too awful for the wedding.  As the SC Piep, I assured them that the church will be embarrassingly non-hot.
  • "They call this hot?  In SC, we'd be wearing sweaters!"
  • Aaron assures me that my toxic irritability spirals could be made into a comedy routine, even though I'm actually not funny.
  • Uncle Rodger is now referring to it as "toxic irritability syndrome" and is going to start defining the characteristics.
  • Only one sexist toast made at the rehearsal dinner, so hurray for that.
  • Reassured my immediate family that if they accidentally say "retarded," I won't immediately descend into a toxic irritability spiral on them.  See me having a good attitude!
  • Learning some very interesting family stuff, some of which is probably only interesting to me, and some of is probably too personal for Baxter Sez.

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