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Some of my delightful family members photographed our weekend in Connecticut, so I wanted to share some of those with Baxter Sez readers (many of whom, I realize, are in these pictures).

My cousin Sarah and I were, as far as we could tell, the only two women attending the wedding in pants. We weren't the only feminist women at the wedding, but the other feminists in our party had gone all girly.  Don't we look good?  (The girly folks looked good, too.) (And thanks to Claire for my shirt!)

alison, aaron, trey
Here I am with my brothers, who proved later in the weekend what dancing geniuses they are.  I don't know when's the last time we've had a sibling photo like this.

wake up sleepy faces!
This is the whole gang of us, minus Mary, who was taking the picture, and also minus the Connecticut Piepmeiers, who were in wedding mode.  An annotation to this photo:  we all went to brunch together on Saturday because, in the brilliance of his leadership skills, my dad sent word around the table at the rehearsal dinner:  "Meet in the hotel lobby tomorrow morning at 10.  Pass it on."  Then by 10 the next morning, he'd found a brunch place that could seat us all, and we followed him there, herd-like.  Had he tried to allow this to be a group decision, we would still be trying to decide about brunch right now.

Mary didn't take any dancing pictures because she spent the entire night, like me, on the dance floor (you can see her on the right, wearing a navy dress). So here's a picture my Aunt Suzanne took.  Notice my brave Uncle Joe dancing with us!  As he pulled me onto the dance floor, he said, "You take the lead!  I have no idea what I'm doing!"  And damned if he didn't just follow along and look as ridiculous as the rest of us.  Good for him!  Sadly, you can't see me, but that's my hair flying up on the left.

And here's another sibling photo, this one of the oldest (!) generation of Piepmeiers:  Joe, Suzanne, and Lee.

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The Mom said...

Thank you, Alison (and Mary and Suzanne!) It's been fun to relive that weekend through the blog posts and the photos. I hope we can all get together more frequently in the future.