New things I've learned about the medical world

  • Always ask questions if you're the tiniest bit concerned about the process.  I discovered just in time this morning that they were about to do an MRI to monitor my TMJ.  When I noted that I don't have TMJ, I have a brain tumor, the staff kicked it into high gear and had to move me to another place for my scan.
  • Drink water earlier in the day if you know you're going to get an IV.  As a person with small veins, I knew this, but had forgotten:  the IV is easier to insert if you're hydrated.
  • Don't accept the offer to play you music while you're having an MRI.  Just do the earplugs.  You can't hear the music most of the time, but when you can, it makes you feel like you're on an episode of The Brady Bunch.
  • When they say it'll only take them 20 minutes to make CD copies of your MRI for you to take with you, don't count on it.  It might be the case--as it was for me this morning--that your MRIs are so content-rich that copying them actually breaks the CD burner.  As one staff member noted cheerfully, if there's that much information, you know they got everything.
I should probably admit that some of my grouchy attitude about the medical system is because there are problems I'm discovering--and part is because every interaction I have with the medical system reminds me that I have a brain tumor that has to be monitored.  That second point, while true and useful, is a real bummer.


The Dad said...

Perseverance, protection, positive persistence and a polite "kick butt" attitude go a long way. You are learning, in this chapter of your life, how to apply things in which you are already an expert. Smile when you need to and rage when necessary.

Always positive and perfect health thoughts to you

The Dad

Sarah said...

I don't have anything to say really about your post, I just want to share how delighted I am by the word verification which has offered me "brajorts" as my required word. I picture shorts that somehow attach to your bra.

Quiche said...

A frequent MRI'er...they ought to give us bonus points or a free vacation, don't you think? (:

Small veins- the vein running over your knuckle of your index finger (point and move your finger up and down and look at the raised area) and a baby catheter works best for me.

Kick the brain tumor's butt- you are still in charge (:

KMB said...

Holy cow, The Librarian and I fell off the couch laughing at the trueness of your MRI CD story! We've entirely given up trying to wait for the CD's right there and instead place an order with the doc's service to get them the following week. But on a more serious note, I hear you about the "angel over the left shoulder" (that's what I call mine) that always seems to be there. I hope it will someday be gone for both of us.