Taking the Opportunity to Make Fun of a Windbag

Alison and i started "comment moderation" on Baxter Sez shortly after we got to Charleston.
(Actually, we pretty much started this blog when we got to Charleston and used it as a way to keep friends and family informed as to how our move went, what our house looked like, etc., but it just stuck with us.)

We started "comment moderation" because almost immediately we started getting hate mail about Alison's career. We got notes like we know where you live and baby killers! and so forth. We thought it best to weed those folks out.

Generally, our editorial policy has been to post anybody that was reasonably sane, no matter their opinion. People named "Anonymous," however, usually haven't been posted at all no matter the quality of the comment. It's easier that way because those hiding behind the title of "Anonymous" almost always tend to be a blowhard, or hate-filled, or merely spam.

Occasionally, though (as is the case today), we get a disagreeable comment from someone able to read and write, someone that has something relevant to say, but just uses such thick jargon or turgid prose that they too are weeded out. Instead of providing today's anonymous with the courtesy of publishing them in the comments section i will post it here within the confines of the blog and provide my own bon mot-mentary:

Anonymous writes:

As an intellectual exercise, I recommend you read the below article. When one pontificates upon one's own emotional and elemental reactions to perceived injustices in the world followed by having the hubris to claim intellectual superiority for expressing them is not merely annoying, it is both self serving and intellectually dishonest. This article could be helpful to you and others who read your well penned but often off the mark opinion pieces: http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/2010/07/self-serving-white-guilt/
By Anonymous on Perry v. Schwarzenegger

Don't get invited to dinner too often, do ya?


mary said...

ick. that person pontificated all over the place. i need to go take an intellectual shower.

Cindy said...

funny thing is that I came across this blog after reading a article about Alison entitled, "your aim is true", regarding Alison being outspoken about her abortion. Being a woman who has also had an abortion and now regrets my choice, I was intrigued by Alison's view on abortion. Although I disagree with about 99% of the political views on this site, I do enjoy reading it because I find it to be an intelligent and articulate viewpoint. It helps me to better understand my opposition! I find it hilarious that some people post crap like that and actually think it will do anything to sway others....