Christmas Eve

Well, today is Christmas Eve.  I pointed out to Biffle that making it through tonight without any emergency hospitalizations will feel to me like I'm walking through a spider web, or breaking a spell.  I will have made it through the year and into a new one, a year that's truly going to be new, starting in a different way.  He pointed out that while I'm a very reasonable, rational person, my PTSD is manifesting in some odd superstition--"Breaking a spell?" he asked.  It does feel that way.

Here was Christmas morning two years ago:

Christmas morning last year was encapsulated in this blog post that everyone in the entire universe has already read, so please don't feel like you have to go there again.

I'm nearly 100% sure that this year our Christmas morning will be more like the video above, although with a person who's far more mobile and dedicated to performing with the Biffles' collection of singing snowmen (I will try to get a video of this phenomenon sometime soon).  We're having a good day today, but I am ready to be through it, to be shaking this year off behind me and moving forward.

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