Have I mentioned that we love Star Wars?

My brother Trey got us all t-shirts onto which we could iron on our favorite old-school Star Wars patches.  (And by "us all," you'll notice that I don't mean Biffle, because Trey knows--as close readers of the blog should--that Biffle refuses to wear any t-shirt with something written on it).  Look how incredibly cool we all are!


Kenneth said...

Poor Jar Jar, spurned again.

Alison said...

It's good that I know you're being sarcastic, Kenneth.

Obi-Fudge da-pie said...

Where's the love for the Ewoks? After all, they took down a legion of the Emperor's best troops with nothing more than sticks and rocks. And what about Greedo? How about IG-88 or Boskk? What about Stormtrooper TK-421? That' poor guy got shot and disrobed. Now ask yourself this how did they dispose of the body? Was it before leaving the Death Star or did they just dump him off on the way to Yavin IV? Gotta think a rotting body might smell like Bantha Poodo after that trip.