LH Mercy*

This morning, while Maybelle and I were having breakfast, birds were singing outside our window.  I said, "Maybelle, do you hear the birds?"  She loves birds.

She paused her chewing, listened thoughtfully for a moment, and then started making hand gestures.  Very quickly I realized that she was signing "And Your Bird Can Sing," one of her favorite dance songs.  What a clever little person!

*Random blog tangent by way of footnote:  Eliza recently texted me that she saw a license plate that said LH Mercy.  It made her think of me because, in my informal comfort zones, I tend to say "Lord have mercy!" a fair amount.  So now, in my head, I generally think, "LH Mercy!"


Amanda said...

What an awesome connection. I am jonesin' for a sneak peek of Maybelle's play list. We've been pitiful with getting music for Hugh. Maybe it will appear on this blog!

Alison said...

We've got a GREAT playlist--just let me know if you want us to burn you a sample CD.

Quiche said...

I love that! Wish you could have caught it on video (: Just reading the words bird and sing in your post, I heard the guitar intro.