Today I had conversations with two different people, completely unconnected to one another.  In each conversation I made a joking reference to my own OCD-type characteristics.

"Oh, I can see that," each person (in separate conversations!) said.



This seems like maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.


Aaron said...

To quote Pop, "ppphhffffpfff."

To me you don't seem any more OCD than other people I know. And, at least on the surface, you seem less OCD than others in the family.

Oh, wait! Did you mean OCD as in Obvious Culinary Disability? Sorry, I missed that on the first read.

As a side note, I typed and erased this message (like all other messages) 12 times. And, I couldn't press the publish button until my fingernail hit the "w" key just right.

Amanda said...

I'm a fan of OCD myself. I think it's a trait both comforting and charming. Hugh is a little OCD. He loves to line up everything in perfect rows and wipes his hands on a rag after each pea that he eats. Don't sweat it. :)

Alison said...

I did feel that maybe I needed a footnote to this post that reassured folks that there's lots of charming and lovable OCD in my family. To that end, Aaron, the fact that you don't see me as "any more OCD than other people [you] know" might suggest that the bar is high for you. In our family somebody's got to be REAAAAAAALLY OCD before it starts being noticeable.

And hurray for Hugh and his pea cleanliness! (Good for him for eating peas, too--something I still won't do.)

Claire said...

So first off -- the universe has turned the word verification back on for me. And secondly there was something very funny about reading this after I just sent you two incredibly obsessive e-mails about my own current obsessions......

Ian McCullough said...

So, you are compelled to obsessively tell other people you are obsessive compulsive?

Myrlyn said...

I think everyone has those little tics about how things -must- be, for no particular reason. For instance, I take one step per block in the sidewalk, or fit a foot in a tile of a certain color, or of a certain pattern, or just in the tile period, etc., people pick at chipped paint, drum their fingers in a certain pattern, can only wear this kind of shoe, etc.. The fact that we call those little tics OCD is almost extremism, though-- they're just tics, they're not the way our brain -must- have them, we do it consciously, and we are not -driven- by that.

Quiche said...

I would say Walt is much more OCD than you, albeit charming, but I think we all have our peculiar OCD issues. You're just odd, albeit charming, because you're an INFP, and I can say that because I'm just as INFP odd...albeit charming (:

Aaron, love the acronym! You too on the typing thing?