Girl w/Pen info and the latest poo update

Perhaps it's inappropriate to have both these topics in one blog post...

The more academic information first:  Amber Cantrell, who's my research assistant this summer, has written a great post at Girl w/Pen about one of our initial observations about the research project we're undertaking.  Have a look, and leave a comment for Amber!

And now the poo update:  the good news from Dr. Sperry is that Maybelle does not have any of the following things:

  • ova and parasites
  • shigella
  • salmonella
  • giardia
Hurray for the stool samples proving that there's nothing seriously wrong.  She had three days of no poo (another hurray!) and happily attended school, but this evening she did produce some evidence that perhaps the diarrhea hasn't entirely disappeared.  Alas.  We're currently trying a gluten-free diet to see what that does--Sperry suggested three weeks of that.  We're on day four, and it's actually fairly easy given that most of Maybelle's favorite foods either don't contain gluten (Veggie Booty, for instance) or have gluten-free substitutes (waffles, remarkably).

More playing in the fountainWe'll see what happens.  Here's a happy photo from our afternoon so that I can end on a positive note.


Trey said...

The Paleo Diet is everywhere!

Alison said...

Did hunter-gatherers love Veggie Booty and yogurt? Because if so, Maybelle could hang out with them!

Aaron said...

Mary and I are planning a gluten free month starting mid june. Supposedly you feel super great after a few weeks. The first thing I thought of when I heard Maybelle was going gluten free, was that pirates booty was still an option.

Deborah Siegel said...

Love that Girl w/Pen and poo are mentioned in the same post! As a fellow mama, of course I relate :) Glad it sounds like M. is on the mend, and hope you are having fun at The Berks! xo