Amelia and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Saturday morningFor some happy news, have a look at the post from earlier today about the non-transphobic Girl Scouts.

But if you want to take action against some dehumanizing injustice, have a look at this post, brought to my attention by Elizabeth.  I guess I should give trigger warnings, because the description of how this family was treated at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia made me feel sick.  That's why the picture to the left is here:  I find that when I read things like this, I have to go look at pictures of Maybelle, to ground myself.  No matter what sort of bullshit the world believes, she is a person who deserves to be here.

Then read one of Elizabeth's responses, which contains a link to a Change.org petition.  I'm not going to give you the petition link directly here because I want you to go read Elizabeth's post.  Her list of quotations about the value of human life--how recognition of that value is maintained and destroyed--is quite wonderful.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for that shout-out and for helping to bring awareness! And I'd agree that even looking at your little one's photo brings joy and relief to the eyes and heart.

Anonymous said...

I have no words. Just a big ball of anger sitting in my stomach. I'm so sick of the constant, pervasive, systematic devaluation of people who don't fit some bullshit mold.


jen baker said...

Alison, here is a comment from Emily Rapp on this, and I thought you might like it (I'm in love): http://ourlittleseal.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/of-a-beautiful/#comments

Also, my household entire has listened to the "slow down" song and we are all crazy for it, kids asked for replays, does that get played live about town?

Alison said...

I finally read the post you cited, Jen--really beautiful!

So glad your family likes "Slow Down" (originally called "Traffic," but Maybelle has renamed it "Slow Down"). This is the first public appearance it's made since Biffle's Singing Sgt. Washington days back in Nashville.