Star Wars for the New Year

I want my first blog post of 2012 to be about good things.  So here's something really good, the perfect thing to start off the year:

I now own six Star Wars t-shirts.  Six.

One more shirt, and I'll have a Star Wars shirt for every day of the week.  I'll never have to wear anything else.  College of Charleston students and colleagues, are you ready for this level of coolness?

This one's the oldest, and possibly the best. If you don't understand what it means*, leave a comment and perhaps I'll fill you in.

Thanksgiving present this year.  How many of the shirts and Star Wars accessories pictured here** were purchased by Trey?  Hints below.

Another fall present, this one from Eliza.

Here I'm playing with Maybelle's toys, brought to her (by Trey) when she was still in the NICU.

Christmas 2010.  All my siblings own shirts like this.

Christmas 2011.  This one's probably a good choice for my first day of teaching this semester.

*Umm, but do any of us understand what any of these shirts mean?  Why is Darth Vader grooming shrubbery?  Why is Princess Leia in the style of Toulouse Lautrec Mucha?  Why do I love them so much?  Nobody knows! 
**One sad thing is that I didn't even get all my Star Wars accessories in the pictures.  There's no Star Wars Trivial Pursuit here, no bobbleheads, no reprint of the original poster, no pop-up Star Wars book.  You might look at these pictures and not understand how serious a Star Wars fan I am.  But only the real Star Wars, none of this recent crap.


krlr said...

Tres cool. But I think we're missing a shot of you in Princess buns. THAT would be a whole new level of awesomeness & you're the only one I know w/hair that would work.

(My sad attempt at coolness-by-proxy since I own NO SW shirts: we appear to have the same coffee maker.

Robin Barrow said...

I love the Aldaraan weather report. Very witty!

sarahmartin said...

Here's some matching nerdiness. You're not thinking of Toulouse-Lautrec, but rather Mucha. I'm pretty sure. Either way, jealous!

Alison said...

sarahmartin, thank you for the Mucha info! I've updated the blog.

krlr, the sad thing is that the last picture shows my attempt at Princess Leia buns. I didn't try that hard, but you sort of can't tell that my hair is bunned up.

Kenneth Burns said...

Somewhere I have a rare "Revenge of the Jedi" poster. That's what the movie was going to be called until the name got changed. I gather from an eBay search that I could sell it for $4,995, or $18.99.

The Mom said...

Actually, Alison, I did notice your bun attempt in the last photo - there's a mom for you! :-)

Tawanda Bee said...

My home is FULL of original Star Wars toys... I think we have all of them... courtesy of Dan. He knows every line in every movie as well!

bikeymikey said...

I am more of a trekkie myself but I find myself undeniably envious of your shirts. Super nice!