Stuff that happened this week

We haven't blogged this week, so we thought we'd fill everybody in on what's been happening around here.  Biffle and I are sitting on the couch together, so here's what we've got to say collaboratively.

We went to the Colbert rally on the CofC campus on Friday.  We called each other back and forth all morning, having versions of this conversation:  "It's pretty exciting on campus!"  "Should I come?"  "Nah, it's probably not going to be that big a deal.  I'm not going."  And then without deciding, we both went to the rally and found each other there.

I twittered during the rally.  If you're not my twitter friend, or whatever, then you didn't learn the following:

  • I'm at the Colbert rally.  Herman Cain sucks.
  • Let's be clear:  the tea party sucks a monkey penis.
  • Cain was both boring and terrible.  Colbert is an activist genius.

In other news, Biffle is building some benches out at Dixie Plantation from wood from a felled cedar tree.  Here's what he has to say about it:
College of Charleston has an 800-acre plot of land in the middle of freakin nowhere for the school to do whatever they want, so they're using it as a place for their landscape architecture students to do graduate work, they're starting gardens and composting, the Historic Preservation Program is using old bricks, and the graduate student working with me has funding to build a garden.  My benches will be part of that.
We went out there this morning, all of us--as Maybelle explained on the way, it was "Mama...and Boppa...and Maybelle...and Gabe...and car...and hair."  We of course had breakfast at Waffle House beforehand, and then we explored the beautiful clearing where Biffle's benches will be.  A couple of Maybelle's preschool friends happened to be there, and they explored things like spiders, sweetgum pods, and the tire pump that was being used to inflate the wheelbarrow tires.

Biffle reminds me that Dixie Plantation is an old property, and although there's no house there, they have a long row of huge old live oaks lining one side of what used to be the entrance to the property.  They have enormous branches spanning the old (now nonexistent) road, with spanish moss hanging down.  It's stunning.  We wished we'd taken a picture.  But Biffle will be back there, and he'll take the camera.

We had a number of delicious meals at home together because this is the slow music season, so it's as if Biffle and I live together.  I've gotten some serious momentum going on my research, and I may well be able to send you soon to another website to read an opinion piece stemming from the research.

And that's it for tonight.  We're going to have some fried eggplant and finish the first season of Downton Abbey.


claire said...

So is the house that used to be at Dixie gone? We used to go there for dept functions and there was a pretty neat ranch house that rambled along giving great views to the marsh -- and it had that excellent moldy/moth bally smell I associate with houses of yore.

Alison said...

Yep, the ranch house is gone. The great views remain, however.