My mom ROCKS!

More readingKelly Piepmeier has been in town since Tuesday.  She mentioned in passing today that one of the reasons she wants to get a house or apartment in Charleston is because she doesn't want to keep being a burden on us by staying in our house when she comes to visit.

Here are some of the ways my mom has been a burden on us:

  • She made granola her first night here.  I have eaten, as of just now, six bowls.  It is so unbelievably delicious that, well, I can't believe it.
  • Wednesday night and Thursday nights she made us dinner.  Wednesday:  grilled tilapia in mango salsa.  Thursday:  omelettes with zucchini and goat cheese.  Oh, and she bought all the groceries for both meals.
  • Tonight she's not making us dinner because she offered to stay here with Maybelle so that Biffle and I can go on a date.
  • She's taken me out to lunch every day this week, at three delicious restaurants.
  • All day every day for the time she's been here, she has taken part in major spring cleaning of the house.  For instance, on Wednesday, we went through all the baby gear in the attic.  We filled the living room with stuff that we're not using anymore.  We distributed six full garbage bags of clothing, toys, stuffed animals, and books to friends and colleagues who have babies, not to mention swings, strollers, etc.
This is what mom has chosen to do with her vacation time:  come clean, shop, cook, clean, and play with Maybelle.  Can you see how burdensome this has been to us?  Now, I'm very excited at the possibility that she might someday have a place of her own in Charleston, but in general I highly recommend this type of burden.  It's wonderful in every way I can imagine.


Cate Bush said...

Aw, your Mom! Hooray for Kelly. So glad she could bring her burdensome self to Charleston :).

The Mom said...

Awww - thank you, Alison! I'm glad you appreciate the burdon of me... :-) I've enjoyed my visit very much. It hasn't been a burdon on me, either. I've enjoyed working side by side with you, talking and listening with you, singing with Maybelle's class, and all the other things we've done this week. I appreciated having my mother's company while doing many "homey" tasks when she was alive. Many of those tasks I no longer do because it's not nearly as much fun alone! I'm enjoying that bond from the other side now.

Elizabeth said...

No wonder you're so terrific!

claire said...

And if you got a place in Charleston you could continue the sewing and knitting lessons! You can be the go to coole surrogate grandmother/mother for a whole slew of transplanted Charleston folk (or just for us).

The Mom said...

Thanks, Claire! That would be great. Although I feel that way about your family already!

claire said...

Well, good, we do too!