Saturday morning at the beach

Yesterday morning we went to the beach.  It was my mom's request, because she knows how much Maybelle loves the ocean.  It was a chilly morning--65 degrees, which for Charlestonians is COLD!  So we bundled up.

Here's what happened about 30 seconds after we got to the beach:
Maybelle and Nonnie

We were there for around an hour.  Near the end of our time there, here was the situation:

Kicking with Nonnie and Mama Wooo!  Ocean! Splash! Yeah, she's just sitting down in the water

The one thing appealing enough to Maybelle that she would leave the beach was the prospect of pancakes at Early Bird.  Here she was waiting for our table:
Here she is at the Early Bird
We'd brought her a dry change of clothes, but she was cold, so Biffle put his vest on her.

All in all, it was an excellent morning.

And by the way, today is Biffle's birthday!  No beach trips planned.


Meriah said...

Happy Birthday, Biffle!

ps. That beach looks FREEZING!

Biffle said...

The only reason the Bean doesn't look happy at Early Bird is because that pic was taken pre-pancake.

The Mom said...

Yes, she was anxious to get inside, and we'd been asked to wait outside...a totally unreasonable request in her eyes!

krlr said...

Happy Birthday!

Also, the Spidey jacket cracks me up - I fear I'll be humming the theme song the rest of the day.