Uncle Trey and Catherine

We're having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend around here because Catherine and Uncle Trey have come to town.  This has led to some tricky sleeping situations, since we have a two-bedroom house, and one of those bedrooms is Maybelle's.  In case you're interested, Catherine and I have been in the king-sized bed (with some snuggly visits from Maybelle), Walter's been on the air mattress in Maybelle's room, and Trey's been on the couch/futon in the living room.  We've all managed to share the one bathroom quite effectively, including Little Ms. Potty Training.

So here's the photographic story of our time together.  Friday night we had a group dinner at the Two Boroughs Larder.  It's one of Biffle's and my new favorites:  funky, local food in a non-stuffy space.  Please note that in this picture my mouth is bigger than Trey's even though he's trying harder.  Natural talent on my part.

Saturday we went to the beach.  It was a windy day with serious waves, but it was actually warm (unlike last weekend), so we all played in the water quite happily.  And let me say that when we got home and showered, butt cracks were an important point of cleansing for all of us.

We also ate lamburgers at the Curtis-Krasnoff house.  I'll try to post a picture from there, but they're on Trey's actual physical camera (as opposed to cell phone), which means it may be awhile before we get them.

Today one of the things we did was walk along the Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Pier.  It was really, really windy.  Catherine took an excellent cell phone self-portrait of us.
One of our big agenda items for the weekend has been house-hunting for Trey.  He's moving here!  To Charleston!

Did you hear me?  My brother Trey is moving to Charleston!  

Maybelle's going to get to hang out with her Uncle Trey all the time.  I am very excited.  (Uncle Aaron and Aunt Mary, I wish we could make this happen for you, too!)  We haven't yet found him a place to live, but we've just begun.  I've spent the weekend trying to give Trey a realistic sense of what life here is going to be like.  For instance, he's gotten to listen to detailed descriptions of what it's like to change Maybelle's diaper (I've assured him that if he's on duty, he can always resort to shower time), and he and Catherine have done some biking in the Charleston heat (surprisingly pleasant, I have to say).

Tonight we're having salad as an antidote to all the rich food we've eaten this weekend, including Early Bird pancakes, cinnamon rolls, fries fried in duck fat, and Jack's Cosmic Dogs.  Then tomorrow they head back to Nashville.  For the time being.


Melissa said...

That's so great that your brother is going to be close by. It looks like you all have such a great time together!

Elizabeth said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had by everyone! It's hard imagining the beach as chilly -- I've spent many summers near Charleston and don't remember a day less than 95 degrees!

krlr said...

Oh, congrats! Brothers rock. Mine has an interview near us & I'm hoping he has to move for purely selfish reasons. Nevermind the chaos & upheaval it would mean for him.

Cassie said...

Sounds like a spectacular weekend! I'm glad you all had so much fun and that Trey and Catherine will be so close. Here's to more good times to be had. Cheers!

Alison said...

We definitely had a great time, and thanks for the happy wishes, everybody! Having Trey here is going to be amazing. Sadly, Catherine is not moving. Yet. I'll be unfolding my plans to get her here at some point!

starrlife said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! And wonderful!